New York reacts to Nicki Minaj’s outfit from Paris Fashion Week on Twitter

After all the beef between female rapper Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj started to settle, Nicki is back in the press again for her breast revealing outfit. After 13 years of Janet Jackson’s superbowl wardrobe malfunction and Lil kim’s style, we can all assume this will be a fond memory of Paris Fashion Week for the next 20 years! People on Twitter had a lot to say about her outfit in New York, America’s fashion capital. (more…)

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Twitter reacts to ‘Moonlight/La La Land’ snafu

It feels like the Grammy’s was just yesterday now we had the Oscar’s last night! And after all of the snafus that happened last night, maybe the 2017 Oscars should win an award next year for one of the most tweeted nights of screw ups. The most talked about moment of Oscar history was when Faye Dunaway announced “La La Land” won best picture when it was supposed to go to “Moonlight.” Twitter was not so angrily moved by the mistake. After keeping up with news about the Oscars, we noticed that Entertainment Weekly found, “On Twitter, Moonlight‘s big win accounted for the most tweeted moment of the show, while the incorrect announcement of La La Land was the third most tweeted moment. The Best Picture mix-up also ranked as the most talked about Oscar moment on Facebook.” After reading this article we noticed that their findings were accurate. Let’s see some things that people had to say on Twitter about the Moonlight vs. La La Land snafu:


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How Much Did Twitter Love Bruno’s ‘Prince’ Tribute At The 2017 Grammy’s?

The biggest highlight of the 2017 Grammy’s was Bruno Mars’ tribute to Prince. Prince had left a mark in the music industry when he passed last year. Before he passed he gave us one hell of a Super Bowl XL performance with his legendary “Purple Rain” song. According to Twitter, it looks like Bruno Mars paid homage to Prince by performing the same hit song and everyone on social media loved it! Let’s see what Tweeters had to say: (more…)

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Social Media Reacts to Super Bowl Commercials

This year’s Super Bowl ads took storm on social media with mixed feelings. Some commercials showed patterns in their themes for advertisement like Budweiser, 84 Lumber, and Audi. All three take a stab at immigration and gender equality, two topics that have been very controversial in America the last few months. Here are some social media posts from viewers and their opinions on the Top 5 most talked about Super Bowl commercials.

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New England and Atlanta React to Superbowl 51 on Social Media

One of the most anticipated and watched programs of the year has come to an end with the New England Patriots taking the win with 34 points and the Atlanta Falcons with 28 points in Super Bowl 51, making it the first Super Bowl ever to go into overtime! Of course Boston has their king Tom Brady to thank for the touchdown. While Boston and other scattering Patriots fans are celebrating the victory, the bandwagon Falcons fans are mourning their loss.Here are some of our favorite Super Bowl posts from all over the social media universe:

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GoBabl Launches Partnership with Trenton St. Patrick’s Day Festival Featuring The Fighting Jamesons

main-logo to be the Official Social Media partner of the Trenton St. Patrick’s Day Festival Featuring The Fighting Jamesons. GoBabl is a Philadelphia based Social Media Analytics company that will help them capture sentiment, engage with attendees and will work with marketers to improve customer experience.

GoBaBl will be the official social media partner for the Trenton St. Patrick’s Day Festival 2016. GoBabl is a location-based social media analytics company located in Philadelphia PA with cutting edge technology. GoBabl will be helping the festival engage with social media users and gauge sentiment.

Trenton St. Patrick’s Day Festival founder TC Nelson says, “It’s great to be working with GoBabl, I’m finding ways right now to get more people interested in the festival and we plan to be doing some unique things with social media analytics to keep them engaged before, during and after the festival. The Fighting Jamesons will be our featured act and we look forward to spreading the word via social media and keeping the St. Patrick’s Day tradition alive for years to come.” The St. Patrick’s Day Festival will be held on March 13th and starts at 12 pm at Trenton Social located at 449 South Broad Street, Trenton NJ 08611.

GoBabl helps small businesses and large enterprises filter and curate social media data and provides this information in a location-based social media analytics dashboard. Journalists, marketers, security professionals, hotel and leisure, educational facilities, sports, athletics and event coordinators user their simple social media geofencing tool that helps them find, attract new customers as well as target influencers via marketing.

GoBabl founder Earl Knight says, “It’s a pleasure to be showing off our latest technology specifically focused on location-based social media intelligence for events and sports. This is a wonderful opportunity to create more case studies showing the applicability of our social media analytics software but really, I just can’t wait to see the Fighting Jamesons live myself.”

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Here in Philadelphia, you don’t have to wander far to find a great place to stuff yourself silly on a Sunday morning. The City of Brotherly Love may be the land of cheese steaks but on the weekend, brunch reigns supreme. If you’re visiting from out of town or just want to add a new dish to your breakfast Rolodex, check out some local faves: A quick search on GoBabl showed an overwhelming amount of love for Green Eggs Café. Makes sense, since they have the most unique French Toast Creations:

Day before my birthday brunch …. Sooooooo good. Soooo tasty @greeneggscafe #brunch #philly

A photo posted by Aaron T (@atalasnik) on

If you want to trade the toast for some macaroni and prefer your brunch with an Italian flair, Little Nonna’s (LINK: has you covered.

so much

A photo posted by Julia Turshen (@turshen) on

If you’re traveling with a finicky pack, Soy Café (LINK: has it all: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and even options for carnivores.

If you want to do a little shopping along with your brunch, Milkcrate Café (LINK: has breakfast AND records.

Foodies flock to Silk City (LINK: for the comfort food.

Honey’s Sit N Eat (LINK: is a crowd-pleaser for sure, with a wide selection of brunch favorites. (Without all the frills.)

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Super Bowl 50 Social Media Monitoring & Event Tracking

Finally, the day is here – it’s Super Bowl 50.  Lot’s of social media posting happening right now as the game gets going but how do you make sense of all the data?  We’ve come up with some unique tools that can help small businesses, enterprises, marketers, brands, agencies and sports teams capture more value from their digital media footprint. 

GoBabl has new tools for marketers that can help them take advantage of geofencing and mobile advertising in ways never done before.  Now, a local restaurant owner can showcase their menu on social media in realtime while interacting with local fans. super bowl 50 events location based social media monitoring
A shopping center can look at influencers and provide them with unique Super Bowl Day offers with in-app notifications and targeting using GoBabl location-based social media tools for events.  Journalists can find a Super Bowl 50 related local story in their area and quickly find sources. This allows media planners, networks and marketers to spend more time on creative and data analysis, instead of logging into several social media platforms to identify where the best network chatter is occurring.  

superbowl 50 location based social media monitoring search
Event coordinators, players and team officials can interact directly with fans- across platforms faster and spend more time bringing content to social media users and less time looking for who’s talking.  It’s an exciting time for social media and we’ve got the right toolset to give event coordinators, journalists and marketers access to the best social media content available – faster.

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Why Geolocation Social Media Monitoring Should Be Included In Every Mobile Marketing Strategy

Social media is by far one of the fastest ways to engage with friends and family as well as improve the bottom line for brands and marketers. It’s also the most widely used mechanism for hearing about news and getting deals. Many businesses are still stuck in the past, relying on old techniques that are basically equivalent to throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. But with social media monitoring and geolocation techniques, it’s becoming easier for companies to find new customers and engage with them in ways never seen before.

gobabl location based social media monitoring platform screen image laptop

To develop a successful geolocation social media monitoring strategy, it’s important to employ basic methods from old-school marketing while tapping into mobile marketing techniques that are widely being used to reach customers. For example geolocation, also known as geofencing where parameters are used to find and interact with customers is already the hottest trend in mobile advertising. When customers opt in to get deals which is increasing more and more, mobile marketers are able to engage with customers based on behavioral analysis as well as geolocation. And these days nobody creeped out about it.

Suppose I’m at Whole Foods and I get an alert stating that there is a specific deal on juice my kids like, I won’t be upset about it and especially when I allowed push notifications on a mobile app to politely give me a ‘tap on my shoulder’ from brands I like to save money buying.  Tie this in with geolocation spillover effects and geo-fence social media monitoring allows our clients to see a social media update, across several different platforms and make suggestions to people who have opted in to a particular mobile app.  

Specific deals can be made for customers who tweet after purchase and receive deals on the next purchase. These are specific ways we work with clients to help them develop this geolocation social media monitoring strategy that ties into their mobile marketing and we are able to actually look at in-store purchases to know whether there is a direct causality between our geolocation platform in the client’s bottom line.

No mobile marketing strategy should be developed without proper geolocation social media monitoring strategy associated with analytics designed to leverage data from both.  From my experience running a leading Online Marketing Services Company with international clientele, search social and mobile are inextricably intertwined. Any mobile marketing strategy that doesn’t allocate budget to geofenced social media monitoring isn’t fully capturing the benefits of engaging via networks to foster exponential, organic growth.

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Geofencing Ad Spend And Location-Based Social Media Monitoring Has Positive Spillover Effects

gobabl geo location based social media
Thinking about using location based social media monitoring to help your business grow, monitor your brand or increase sales?  Geofencing is the answer to finding the most relevant data about your customers to determine who is talking the most about your brand and where.  Without geofencing, an advertiser is for the most part throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.

First of all, what is geofencing? Geofencing involves creating a virtual perimeter for analysis and is frequently used by advertisers in marketing campaigns to help them focus on specific areas of interest.  For example, an advertising campaign for a new Mercedes Benz may want to focus on New York but geofencing allows the marketers to focus on a specific part of NYC such as a 2 mile radius of Manhattan instead of blanketing the city with coverage. This is a huge jump from times past when advertisers would simply ‘set it and forget it’ with large amounts of ad dollars being spent on impressions that typically went unseen in areas that were of low interest to the advertiser.  This made prices for advertising in the areas of high interest increase and had a net negative impact on ROI for marketing dollar spent. 

Geofencing and utilizing specific geographical and demographic data makes an advertisers job much easier and lowers the prices for unwanted advertising dollars spent.  Highly targeted advertising using geofenced data helps brands find out where the influencers are quickly and allows them to leverage these findings into well organized regional, national and international campaigns.  We’ve worked with companies that used our location based social media monitoring tools to test a tagline and create a conversation before using that branded term in national campaigns.  This can happen best when using location based social media monitoring tools that give the power to the marketer in one dashboard allowing them to engage more with potential clients and see hotspots to predict rather than spend time login in or merging analytical tools.  This is a classic example of a positive spillover effect where the marketing dollars spent on advertising dollars allows for more opportunities for larger spend based on past data.  

In essence, geofence and continue fine tuning the data and perimeters and use that data to extend campaigns and this should help each additional dollar spend needed to move the advertising needed drop in price considerably.  The marginal dollar spent for ads based on proper geofencing and location based social media monitoring should decrease over time.  Use geofenced advertising data and location-based social media monitoring data hand in hand. The learnings from each should help make the process of identifying areas of interest and successful advertising campaigns faster.  Then get back to focusing on that website overhaul that’s been in the works for months now…

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Location-Based Social Media Monitoring Basics

Online social networks are growing exponentially. We all use them for expressing our views, sharing information about ourselves, brands and finding news. These online social networks have become an integral part of business, individuals and organization. This has made location-based social media monitoring a necessity for many organizations and individuals since there are various benefits derived from it. Brands, marketers, politicians, musicians, law enforcement and more are now using location-based social media monitoring tools to learn more about influencers as well as what they are saying online. (more…)

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5 Benefits Of Location Based Social Media Monitoring for Businesses

Location-based social media is growing in popularity because advertisers want geo-fenced data about their customers. Understanding valuable location-based content and data from social communities can help businesses learn more about their customers and expand their base. Various businesses both large and small can find new ways in which the social media can make an impact on their growth and success in different areas.  Although the growth in location-based social media monitoring and marketing is happening exponentially, there are still those who are skeptical about using these new applications and don’t understand the benefits accrued.  Here at GoBabl, we’ve identified some of the benefits of location based social media monitoring our clients are seeing and listed 5 important ones.
 benefits of location based social media monitoring company gobabl philly


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7 Best Location Based Social Network Monitoring Practices Every Business Must Use

Monitoring the web to protect a firms’ identity is common now with all the tools available on the internet to search keywords and associated brand terms. Businesses must incorporate new practices in location based social network monitoring to fully derive the benefits of search and social media. Failure to do this may result in a loss of brand relevance and a decrease in sales as well as brand awareness will follow in a short period of time. Highlighted below are 7 Best Location Based Social Network Monitoring Practices that can drive sales up, improve brand recognition and promote a company’s identity properly to the masses.

1. Find The Geo-locations Where Your Company Is Most Visible Via Social Media.
It’s important to identify areas and regions where the brand is able to leverage social media awareness. The location-based social network  monitoring strategy for a company that’s popular in New York is going to be vastly different from the start of created in Chicago.  know where your brand speaks for itself and find areas that could use improvement using geo-fenced location-based social media monitoring tools

2. Identify The Social Media Platforms Your Customers Use The Most
It’s also important to identify the social media platforms your customers are actually using not the ones you think they use.   Social media monitoring involves gathering data and making actionable decisions about the data obtained. This means it is important to find new customers and identify where  conversations are happening the most and on what social media platform so you can take advantage of them.

3.  Don’t Try To Monitor Everything 
Select a few social media and dominate them.  Find the best location-based social media outlets and sources and use data based on a majority of what customers are doing.   The major mistake most businesses make on social media is trying to be present on every social media platform. This cannot be considered as a part of the best location based social network monitoring best practices. There are so many social media platforms and it is almost impossible to be present consistently on all which means your customers aren’t on every social media platform either.  Find where they are and what platform they engage on the most – don’t worry about outliers in the initial stages. Stick to 2 or 3 social media networking platforms to monitor to keep management and time factors considerably lower.

4.  Identify Influencers
You are on the social media to let people know about your services or products, therefore, it’s important to find who’s doing the most talking about your brand, organization or people associated with it.  The occasional commenter is great, but the active participant or person who is posting to the three times about your brand in the week needs to be identified.  It doesn’t matter how many people that follow the influencer, what matters more is how much they are talking. 

5.  Use Creative Approaches To Location-Based Social Media Monitoring
Good content and social media engagement go hand-in-hand, is easier to find influencers locations of interest in which social media platforms your customers are using when posting frequently with regularity.  Creative  social media marketing campaigns get people talking and are the key to monitoring location-based social media.  
There are two points here- posting unique content and being consistent. People will come to check your brand and products regularly if they are sure of viewing new content each time they visit.

6.  Have A Baseline
Create good benchmarks to find out how much people are talking about your brand.  Are people talking about this product release more than the last on social media?  Is that new campaign that we lost in New York have an impact in Brooklyn compared to last year? This is one of the best location based social media monitoring practices that can determine the success of a brand on the social media. Make year-over-year over, week over week comparisons of chatter from influencers based on regularly scheduled posts.  Compare campaigns using the most scientific approach possible – for example launch all new campaigns on Tuesdays.  This creates a week parting style that allows for baseline comparisons. 

7. Get Help
Don’t do your own electric and don’t do your own location based social network monitoring.  This sector is still in it’s earliest stages with only a few talented people working in this area.  Don’t try to bring this in-house with other marketing or search engine related work.  This is too important to the brand for internal disputes. Use experts that know what they are doing and have them help guide you towards a longterm geofenced social media monitoring solution.

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How To Effectively Use Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools Are Becoming Just As Popular As The Newtorks They Service – Here’s The Best Way To Use Them:

Social media monitoring tools come in various shapes and sizes these days with new versions coming to market, each claiming to be better than a predecessor. It’s becoming more and more difficult to find the right social media monitoring tool for you are company, brand or organization.  There is no one-size-fits-all way to pick a social media monitoring platform and similarly there is also many different ways to use them. Here are some of the ways we use social media monitoring effectively and we’ve incorporated them into the GoBaBl social network monitoring dashboard so that you can use them easily.  

The most important aspect of a social media management tool is that it’s able to filter by location.   if you are using a social media management platform that doesn’t allow you to drill down into specifics and look at you located demographic information, then you are probably using the wrong social media dashboard.   Brands and advertisers want pertinent information about where their customers are located, providing geo-fence social media management dashboard metrics helps marketers tell their clients exactly where to place their advertising revenue.  Our clients all want to target customers and view conversations based on geo-fenced-location.  Without location-based social media monitoring, you are in essence ‘looking at it all’.  This doesn’t allow the social media monitor consultant to drill down and find hotspots where most of the conversation is occurring.  GoBabl is a leader in location-based social media monitoring and we are coming up with dynamic ways of interpreting the location based data with demographic information.

A second important feature of a social media management tool is its ability to find influencers and gauge sentiment. The best social media management tools help monitor conversations and reduce the impact and visibility of negative search results while finding new customers to expand upon.  The sheer mass of social media data that can be captured these days means it’s important to  look carefully at who’s doing to talk as opposed to how much talking is occurring.  Especially when an influencer is making positive comments that are a form of encouragement for others to use the brand. 

If you’ve chosen the right social media management tools such as the GoBabl, then you already have the capabilities to find influencers,  gauges sentiment and pinpoint the location of those doing the most talking via social media.  Now it’s important to know how to filter these results,  therefore the most effective way to use a social media management tool used to filter the results in overtime create better filters.   Most comments on social media platforms are actually white noise and unnecessary to monitor,  the best way to use a social media management platform is to create layers of filters and alerts when certain actions occur based on predesigned formulations.

The best social media management dashboards have several different views of showing data,  while this is good for the social media junkie clients tend not to care much for charts and numbers – they want actionable insights about what measures they need to change and/or improve to engage with more people on social networks.   is critical to use social media management platform that actually can do more than analyze function predict and make suggestions to brands marketers and organizations about what they should do in the future.   GoBabl is one of the few social media management tools and has predictive power and helps clients look to the future as opposed to managing social media events through the rearview mirror

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