Not Seeing Posts

To see Twitter and Instagram posts you must first connect your Social Accounts to GoBabl. To do so, select the social platform’s icon on the right side of the screen, type in your credentials, and connect. 

If you are still not seeing any posts your firewall may be preventing the data to past through your browser. Please contact your IT department to allow for Social Media data to be viewed on your computer. Back to Index

How am I billed?

We bill you monthly, or yearly if you like. We accept PayPal, credit/debit cards. We automatically bill you unless you opt out of automatic charge. Back to Index

Is it Legal to access this information?

All the results that we display come from public accounts on social networks that give access to the api. The content is public on the internet. We reorganize the content to make sense of it. We trust our users, No one would do anything malicious. Back to Index

What makes GoBabl different from other SMM platforms?

GoBabl uses location to filter out the noise (selfies, food pics, cats). Our customer service feels like we are right there with you. As soon as you have an issue with the platform call us and we will guide you through any challenge. Back to Index

What Does GoBabl Do?

Gobabl searches any location in the world for user-generated content. We give our users a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in any community using social media. Back to Index