5 Simple Tricks to Boost Your Business on Social Media Today!

The advent of social media is greatly changing everything. Years back, social media had been used for just one purpose, “communication” but social media today has undoubtedly evolved into other areas like giving businesses a boost in ROI. Below are 5 tricks that will help boost your ROI on social media and gain followers, higher conversion rates, wider exposure, and better engagement. 

  • Find out what’s hot: One simple trick to get a quick boost for your business is to find out what is hot and trendy in the social scene, which you could use as a bait to fish out new customers. If you constantly post information that is relevant to your your niche, your customers will have more reasons to read and follow up on your posts. Following up on this simple but perfect trick will bring a boost to your business on social media. You can find out various tools such as the uvrx.com powered by Google custom search to get a result for some social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr about what is hot.

  • Use social media language:  social media has its own language, which is made up videos, images, and info-graphics. These are what generate outstanding engagement. You can make your post more appealing by using Vine, the video sharing app or Flipboard for iTunes and Twitter. You can bridge the gap between entertainment, information and lead generation if you use such media to create a good call to action.

  • Expand your base: reaching out to more subscribers and followers is very important in creating an enjoyable and successful social media campaign. One of the easiest ways to expand your business and find new customers is to go for paid ads on Twitter or Facebook. This is a great way to increase your likes, followers and improve your overall performance on any social platform.

  • Save more time: the use of automation tools is very important to social media today, whether or not you’re involved in a one-man show or an enterprise-level company. Certain processes need to be automated. Posting updates across various platforms, uploading social media content to remote storage and sending an email and SMS updates on favored topics are some activities that you can place on auto mode. We recommend HootSuite or Sprout Social.  

  • Be in the Know and Embrace Change: you can either give up or take the change in stride and adapt when there are changes in the industry. Stay up to date on culture of social media with articles like this or this
You should know that many social media “hacks” today are little more than common sense, but the ones that may really surprise you are those that you came up with through close observation of the changing social media landscape. It is important to regularly do some strategic thinking and keep coming up with new ways to extract better results from social media marketing.