6 Marketing Strategies for Better Social Media Engagement

Social media is by far, one of the fastest ways to engage with friends and families. But bringing businesses into social media was often seen as wild endeavor. Virtually any business can have huge turn-around in terms of profit with proper social media engagement. If you’re thinking of getting remarkable results from your social media marketing campaigns, here are some of the ways to improve your social media engagement.
  1. Plan ahead: Many local businesses that have migrated into social media failed because they didn’t plan ahead. Planning doesn’t mean, “I want to get X number of turnover per month”. You have to see through the customers eyes. What are their reasons for using the social media? What is trendy and what are their needs? This will push you if you are an entrepreneur, to rethink and have a list with a handful of questions to be answered to improve on your social media engagement.
  2. Connect and deliver content: a lot of people are actively connecting with businesses that are on social networks. Therefore, it is important for your business to deliver the help customers need on the various social networks they use. Your social team needs to be armed with resource materials, education and authority to respond to various customer issues and questions that may arise. What you deliver and how you deliver your content is essential if you want to stay on top of the game in social media engagement.  
  3. Extend your efforts: Business will grow only if they (the team) grow more! Research on what customers need is an on-going business function. It doesn’t matter how big your business has grown or how successful it has become, you need to keep learning. You will have to work hard with your teams to determine how best you can improve your current performance in social media engagement.
  4. Create compelling offers: since the rise of the social marketing, the popularity of social selling has grown. Proper social media engagement is a great way to prime the sales funnel and find new leads. This can be done by searching for sales opportunities and then engaging them in an authentic manner. Anything to move your prospective customers further down the purchase funnel is a plus. 
  5. Customer service: you can use the power of customer service to win more customers. Since social media is becoming one of the most effective channels through which businesses can interact with their audience. Customers find social media as an easy platform to air their grievances. Prompt and concise responses to particularly tough questions can prevent a decline on sales, and assist with customer retention.  
  6. Add more value: your business will be valued to the extent of how much value you add to your customers. Customers tend to promote (in terms of likes and shares) and patronize (in terms of buying or the lack there of). Look out for your competitors and offer what they don’t offer to their customers. Sometimes, it may require you pretending to be a customer and other times, it may require you to spend some money on it. Either way, all businesses have their strengths and weaknesses.