5 Benefits Of Location Based Social Media Monitoring for Businesses

Location-based social media is growing in popularity because advertisers want geo-fenced data about their customers. Understanding valuable location-based content and data from social communities can help businesses learn more about their customers and expand their base. Various businesses both large and small can find new ways in which the social media can make an impact on their growth and success in different areas.  Although the growth in location-based social media monitoring and marketing is happening exponentially, there are still those who are skeptical about using these new applications and don’t understand the benefits accrued.  Here at GoBabl, we’ve identified some of the benefits of location based social media monitoring our clients are seeing and listed 5 important ones.
 benefits of location based social media monitoring company gobabl philly

  1. Location-Based social media helps find new customers and expand your audience: The social community is filled with potential customers who you can connect with easily with little work done on your part. Twitter, Facebook are good social media to benefit from because they allow small businesses to locate potential customers and connect with their current customers.   Social media monitoring with geo-fenced targeting to find new social media participants can improve a businesses bottom line and improve the value of advertising spend in a geographical area to get new customers.

  2. Using Location-Based Social Media Monitoring increases your brand awareness with less budget: location-based social media platforms help businesses identify influencers in a geographical area size to promote their brands and increase brand awareness cheaper because they are targeted in a specific area. Traditional methods and strategies of to increase brand awareness lacked sentiment and engagement metrics which made advertising spend less effective.  than those of social media. Many marketing departments across companies are looking deeper into their social media data to find better ways to increase brand awareness with measurable metrics that didn’t exist just a few years ago.

  3. Learn about your audience easily: One of the keys to success in business is to know your audience. Location-based social social media monitoring makes this easier to accomplish than any other platforms because more is known about a potential customer based on actions they have already taken – not new proposed calls to action. Many social media profiles such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook already give significant location based and interest characteristics right in a users profile that is publicly available and enable you to learn more about the customer than search engine marketing.  Social media user actions can help brands, marketers and businesses identify more data on their audience such as products they like and places they like to visit. This information can significantly increase advertising ROI by providing targeted product advertising and help businesses and organizations predict behavior. 

  4. Get instant customer feedback from any geo-fenced social community : A new product launch can be shared on social media for customers to give to review it and now platforms such as GoBabl can help brands find out instantly who likes the product and why. Customer’s perspective about product, goods and services are sent back across several different social media platforms instantly to evaluate a product and to measure advertising spend ROI.  The social community can help brands come up with new advertising pitches, cliches, taglines and more effective advertising copy to be used in other geo-fenced locations.  In short, location-based social media marketing allows for better geo-location based multivariate testing that can be applied to future campaigns with less spend involved in the test phase.  This data can be invaluable to marketers as they roll out products and services to new cities and regions.  Location-based social media marketing will help advertisers learn customers think as well as quickly identify what works and don’t.

  5. Location-based social media monitoring helps target audiences more effectively: Many of social media platforms are now interconnected, for example one can update their Instagram profile along with Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter at the same time.  But who has time to scan all of those platforms for data, location-based social media monitoring techniques can reduce wasted impressions and advertising spend by identifying influencers and targeting them with specific product offerings based on actions – they have already taken. Geo-targeting by demographic, interests and keywords across social media platfoms reduces wasteful advertising spend by focusing on the audience first then advertising as opposed to the other way around. Now, businesses can target their audience several characteristics previously unknown and unavailable in search engine marketing advertising.  

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