March Madness Final Four: We Tracked Social Media To See Which Team’s Fans Go The Hardest

All good things must come to an end and unfortunately, March Madness is one of them. It’s almost over but there are still a few games left and they’re definitely going to be great. The Final Four play tonight so we used GoBabl to see who’s got the most team spirit. Die-hard Villanova, Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Syracuse fans are getting ready for the game but who’s most excited? You tell us:

Villanova fans came out strong, baking up some sweet treats.

the taste sweet of victory. ✌️

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And when you’re a Nova fan, you’re a Nova fan for life. (This one’s starting young.)

Let’s rock and roll!! #finalfour #villanova

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Not to mention Wildcat fanatics are a classy bunch.

Pregame for #Villanova!! #GoNova #CrazyHat

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We didn’t have to look too hard for a #BoomerSooner decked out in crimson and cream. Even four-legged fans are ready for the game.

#boomersooner #bballyall #FinalFour #oklahoma

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But really… if it can be crimson and cream, it WILL BE crimson and cream.

#Boomer #sooner with these new Sooner friends who brew! Delicious brews, I might add.

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Tarheel fans always go hard.


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They can be vicious but come on… this is just adorable.

And this… this is pure dedication.

Ready for the game!!! #goheels #tarheels

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And last but not least, there was an orange flood in support of Syracuse on social media today. Check out this cat’s sweet ensemble.

And couples who ‘Cuse together stay together.

#syracuse #SyracuseBasketball #OrangeNation #FinalFour #ncaatournament

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And this… just speaks for itself.

Otto’s Army gettin ready to roll, let’s go Cuse! #marchmadness #finalfour #Syracuse #Orange

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Best of luck to all of the teams! If you can’t catch the games tonight, follow along on GoBabl.

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