Best Marketing Tools To Use In 2017

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Ready to take 2017 by storm? Here are the best marketing tools to help you get it done.

Who doesn’t have some big plans for 2017? After a somewhat messy year, I think we’re all ready to start over. (Well, kind of.) With a larger audience than ever, potential paying customers can be difficult to identify. Once you’ve recognized your target market, you have to get in front of them and let them know just how much of an edge you’ve got on the competition. It’s not an easy task but fortunately, there are some great tools to help you out.

image via Curalate
image via Curalate


We gotta show some hometown love to the good people over at Curalate. In a visual world, their innovative platform will make your brand’s photos interactive and actionable. Say you’re a clothing brand and you decide to show off this season’s hottest-selling sweater on the ‘gram. Instead of a general website link in your Instagram profile– which can be difficult to navigate, leading to potential customers losing interest, you can make your entire Instagram feed shoppable. Right? We think it’s pretty awesome as well. That’s not even all of it. Check out the platform for yourself to see more.
For those of you who want to step up your Instagram marketing but barely have the time, Quuu‘s got you covered. They just might know your audience better then you do, which is okay because that saves you a lot of time. They offer curated content suggestions to maximize impact with your followers. The kicker? The suggestions are all hand-crafted.

image via Kahuna
image via Kahuna
To garner attention in an increasingly mobile-saavy world, Kahuna is a great tool. Though mobile isn’t their only focus, it’s a big one and a helpful tool for brand wanting to reach out to mobile users. (After all, who doesn’t have a smartphone nowadays?) The goal is to be constantly breaking your own engagement records. Their solution is smart automation. The platform used AI to create content then deliver it to the right place at the right time.

If you’ve already got an audience but need help converting that audience into paying customers, Picreel might be the solution. This platform will track customers’ actions on your site then have the best, and most relevant, offers pop up on the screen when they navigate away from valuable content. This could be a coupon, a survey– whatever you need to make that next sale. 

image via ScribbleLive
image via ScribbleLive
Once you’ve got the plans in place and the content out there, you’re going to want to gauge your campaign’s effectiveness– you know, to see where exactly your budget went. ScribbleLive uses science to take the guess work out of marketing, saving you time and lots of dollars. You can know what content will get you the best results– before you even put it out there.

And, since we have you here, we have to mention our own platform. (You saw this coming, right?) We specialize in geo-fenced social media insights. That means you can take a look at what your customers, potential customers, or your competitor’s-but-soon-to-be-your customers are saying on a hyper-local level. (In real time!) We give you actionable insights on how to capture their attention, as well as tools to engage them. We’ll even help you identify top trends and influencers to get you the biggest ROI possible. Pretty cool, right? Best part? You can try it for free right now.

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