Don’t Miss a Second of Burning Man 2017– Even if You Stay Home

Burning Man 2017 Instagram What if we told you that you could experience all the worthwhile moments of an event without having to actually be there? We like to think of ourselves as the ultimate FOMO cure for that very reason. Burning Man, while visually intriguing, is kind of in the middle of the desert. It would be a great opportunity for you and your brand but do you really want to be getting sand out of your hair an clothes for weeks after? Say no more. GoBabl’s got you. 

So what exactly is to be gained from geofencing, you may ask? Glad you asked. More often than not, it’s the unplanned moments that make an event truly memorable. How do you discover those moments as they’re occurring? When you’re relying on a hashtag, it’s pretty difficult. When you’re using geolocation, however, you have a huge advantage over your competition. It comes down to this simple question: how do you know what to look for when you don’t know what you’re looking for? That’s where we come in. 

We made a radius around Burning Man and took a look at what was going on. Aside from the obvious (NSFW) content, we found some pretty interesting things. Shall we take a look? 

So proud of our teammate @whcheath, who crushed an ultra marathon at Burning Man today!

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When we think of Burning Man, we do think of health-conscious folks gathering in the desert to appreciate art. However, we probably wouldn’t guess “marathons” were a thing at the festival– that is, unless “marathon” is preceded by the word “adult.” Photographic proof right here though– ultra marathons are totally a #BurningMan thing.

The dust storms were epic today! Did you guys see the Lightning?!?! ⚡️

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When the art is also in observance of Tutu Tuesday

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With, ahem, “everything else” the festival has to offer, the art gets somewhat forgotten on social media. We were impressed with what we saw, especially that prism-arch in the first photo.

Who knew Burning Man could be a family affair?

I got burning man on muh brain #industwetrust

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Alright, so we were definitely a bit skeptical but after taking a look at Burning Man on GoBabl, it actually looks pretty fun. Maybe you’ll see us there in 2018?

What do you think? Try it for yourself.

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