What’s Better Than Geofenced Data? Our Data Export Feature.

Geofenced Data Insights

If geolocation is the new frontier, geofenced data may be more valuable than gold.

However, taking a peek into every social media conversation happening in any area will leave you with an enormous amount of information. It can be difficult to quantify all that raw data without some sort of organization. Luckily, we’ve made it incredibly simple for users to access a neatly-packaged version of all that our platform can make available. (By neatly-packaged, we mean a well-organized spreadsheet.) If you’ve been missing out, fret not: we’re going to tell you how you can do it yourself– and all it takes is a few strategically-placed clicks. 

First things first:  open the GoBabl Platform and select “Advanced Analytics.” This is where you can choose a location to monitor continuously.

GoBabl Geofenced Data Export

Once you’ve chosen a location, you will adjust the radius and can then immediately start monitoring. It will only take a few minutes for content to begin populating. When you’re ready to download the data, click on your location name.

GoBabl Geofenced Data Excel Export

Once you’ve selected the location of which you’d like to export the data, simply click on the download button (shown below) to begin your download.

Geofenced Data Download

It will only take a few more moments until your spreadsheet is ready. It will contain the content itself as well as sentiment score, gender and age probability, and some information on just how influential each user might be in the community. 

Geofenced Data Spreadsheet

Pretty great, right? Now, what are you waiting for? Give it a try for yourself.

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