GoBabl takes Helsinki! Microsoft FLUX and #Slush16

GoBabL was chosen to go through the Microsoft Accelerator In Helsinki, Finland.

Slack for iOS Upload

This Bootcamp was apart of a larger event called Slush.

Can we take a second to appreciate how cool this conference is? 

Slush Conference 2016
Slush Conference 2016
Slush Conference 2016
Slush Conference 2016

Most Americans haven’t heard of this event or wouldn’t have considered to travel that far for a tech event but this was different. Slush is considered to be the 2nd or 3rd largest event centered around startups and technology.
Boasting more then 17,000 attendees, including over 1,000 investors, financial associates, tech lawyers, and a slew of eager innovative startups from all across the globe.

GoBabl at Microsoft Accelerator Startup Bootcamp Helsinki
The Microsoft Accelerator taught me a lot.

Mostly they talked about the general issues that arise with startups at the next level. This was for startups that were past idea and proof of concept. They talked a lot about sales conversion, how to educate your users, how to hire the right people for your business, investor relations, and legal documentation.

It was a nice curriculum of material that made me think a lot about the inner working of my business. After the first day I called my head developer and told him, it’s time to transition away from the “free trial.” The director illumined us that companies are undervaluing GoBabl’s impressive capabilities due to complimentary offerings. Lesson learned. 

Another lesson was to focus our focus. We had found so many types of industries who wanted our product. We describe it as the perfect Market intel platform. But, who was this market intel for? We needed to provide value to just one small group of people who were so passionate about GoBabL that they would scream to their friends who were in other industries that this platform was a “difference maker.” Find one person in one company that your product can help and get their feedback on what to build next. They will go to their boss and complain until they get your product in the company “tool box.” If  your product is the right price point and adds enough value they will pay for it out of their own pockets.

The last big takeaway was about the vision of your business. The vision is stated before you jump into any good elevator pitch. Vision is what every good entrepreneur needs to drive his staff. Vision is the foundation that helps to build culture within your organization. Vision is just as important as the legal formation of your business. If you haven’t thought about the vision of your business start NOW.

I have a trick for you to help you… close your eyes and imagine where you are in 5 years working at 12 pm about to take a meeting with your biggest most important client, who is that person? Why do they come to you? Why are you at the top of your industry? That should start to help you form your vision. I know it’s helping shaping ours. 

-Earl Jerry Knight, GoBabl CEO

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