Halloween in Philly: A Look At Eastern State Penitentiary

It’s been a ghoulish week. 

The Walking Dead returned to stir emotional trauma in fans everywhere. 

American Horror Story got real

And we’re still three whole days from the 31st!

This Halloween weekend is sure to be a fright, you know, replete with lively costume parties and cheery trick-or -treaters. 

One way to keep the adrenaline levels high and spirits spooked are haunted house attractions. 

Eastern State Penitentiary’s annual Terror Behind the Walls has been ensuring thrill-seekers get their fill all season.

Corridor inside Eastern State Penitentiary’s “Terror Behind the Walls.”
The penitentiary is arguably one of the most chilling and storied prisons in America. Located in the heart of the historic Fairmount neighborhood in Philadelphia, the impressive building incites ominous boding on a well-lit sunny afternoon. Its legendary walls have been the talk of popular culture – featured in NPR articles and Syfy Channel’s  show dedicated to paranormal activity, Ghost Hunters


It’s no surprise revelers line the sidewalk every evening beginning early fall to be literally scared straight… no juvenile delinquency required. 

An attraction such as Terror Behind The Walls prides itself on curating a spectacular experience for guests. The kind of experience that fosters word of mouth apostleship and cult-like fandom – and real time social media commentary. If someone is willing to Tweet it, Instagram it, Snap it... it's a moment of relative impact and signals to the event organizers where they've exceeded expectations, met them, or fell short. 

From @easternstate #terrorbehindthewalls last night Sleep well.

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heat map

GoBabl heat map during Terror Behind the Walls.

GoBabl allows organizers to monitor self-reported experiences during the attraction. We offer a holistic understanding of both the pleasure-points and pain-points important to guests; and as illustrated in the above heat map, pinpoint activity most likely to encourage organic chatter and promotion - a marketer's dream. 


Our event-based monitoring hones in on the location of the attraction and provides a real-time feed of all social media from the geo-location. It also allows  for in-app engagement and alerts so that organizers are always in sync with their guests.

Never missing a beat. Unless of course your heart skips one due to a haunted job well doneAnd in that case that's a Boo! well deserved.

Happy Halloween!

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