In Memoriam: The Best Vines Of All Time

2016 has not been been kind to pop culture phenomenons and now, it’s taken Vine.

First it took Bowie. Then Prince. Now… Vine is the latest casualty. Alright so Vine isn’t nearly as culturally significant or meaningful as Bowie or Prince but its untimely passing has struck a chord in the hearts of youth everywhere. As a company that focuses so heavily on the consumption of social media, we’d be remiss for not sharing a proper tribute to our gone-too-soon friend by posting the best Vines of all time. Vine, we hardly knew ye. 

Instead of focusing on the sadness, lets think about the good times we’ve shared. We used our tool to take a look at what folks on social media consider their all-time favorite Vines.

The one that summed up how we all feel from time to time:

The one that kinda started a revolution (or something like that):


The one that captured some of life’s more tender moments:

The one that expressed what you simply couldn’t but you were TOTALLY thinking about:

The ones that taught us it’s okay to be meta af:

(Since you’re wondering now…)

The ones that succinctly summed up the ephemeral nature of life…

…and taught us to not take ourselves too seriously:

This one made us really glad that Vine wasn’t around when we were teens:

And to look around, because life comes at you fast.

The countless videos that are just so #relatable:

…alright. Some more than others.

The daring

The strange

The cruel… but kinda funny

The cute

The savage


And the just plain clever:

All hope is not lost though, because word on the street is that Twitter is planning some new changes, including enabling live video right in the newsfeed. Watch these and pour one out for The Vine but get excited for the future and whatever Twitter has in store.

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