Where are the Pokemon in Philly? We can find ’em all.

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Who doesn’t enjoy some good, clean, augmented-reality fun every once in a while? Pokemon Go became an overnight sensation when it launched earlier last month and ever since then, it seems like everybody is out chasing the little creatures, hatching eggs, and trying to amass every Pokeball he or she possibly can. Some folks would walk for MILES to hunt down new prospects for their Pokedexes. For the fainter of heart, (myself included) we turned to (somewhat questionable) means of tracking down the little dudes: third party platforms like Pokevision. Now that Pokevision is gone, how are we supposed to know what’s going on out there? We wanted to see if GoBabl could help us cure the Pokemon FOMO here in Philadelphia. Now, we didn’t get the info we needed to catch ’em all but it was still super effective!

@lizthewiz84 this is how you catch a #pokemongo #psyduck

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And of course, this one:

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