New England and Atlanta React to Superbowl 51 on Social Media

One of the most anticipated and watched programs of the year has come to an end with the New England Patriots taking the win with 34 points and the Atlanta Falcons with 28 points in Super Bowl 51, making it the first Super Bowl ever to go into overtime! Of course Boston has their king Tom Brady to thank for the touchdown. While Boston and other scattering Patriots fans are celebrating the victory, the bandwagon Falcons fans are mourning their loss.Here are some of our favorite Super Bowl posts from all over the social media universe:
Here are some things people posted about the Patriots:

Still smiling. What a game! #gopats #goodgamefalcons #superbowl @newengland.patriots #thumbring #frenchbulldog

A photo posted by Brisket Murphy (@brisket_the_frenchie) on

LIT. ❤ #housuperbowl

A photo posted by Jackelínne Lucía (@jackelinnelucia) on

#superbowl #patriots #lmfao #lol

A photo posted by @dominicansaiyan on

We started off the night as strangers become bros over night. #Patriots #patriotsnation #superbowl17

A photo posted by Sadi Adnan (@sadis_impressed) on

Super Bowl LI Champions!!! ❤️❤️ @patriots #TB12

A photo posted by Rustic Marlin (@rusticmarlin) on

Maybe The Simpsons will predict who will win next years Super Bowl. They were pretty close
this year. Coincidence maybe? 

The city of Atlanta deserves a day off. #CaseOfTheMondays

A photo posted by Dirty South Trivia (@dstrivia) on

Our boys still did a great job. It’s ok there’s always next year. #RISEUP

A photo posted by Dani Cali (@itsthedanicali) on

#falcons #superbowl51 #superbowlli #superbowl #patriots

A photo posted by StanZilla_tv (@stanzilla_1983_5.0_foxbody) on

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