Social Media for Real Estate Developers

Social Media Monitoring for Real Estate Developers

Real Estate Developer using GoBabl84% of Real Estate Professionals are on Social Media…

How effective are you at leveraging this technological trend?

Every real estate developer is competing for the same attention and looking for the same answers to boast their business. Now, real estate developers are given the opportunity to look outside the marketplace and utilize real-time data to predict buyer and seller trends. Look no further, with the assistance of the location-base social media monitoring tool, GOBABL, you have reached the solution to your business needs.

In this technological era, consumers everywhere crave instant gratification (whether it is from a picture, comment, post, etc.), why should the real estate developement industry be any different? Successful real estate developers need to survive in the industry by being adaptive and well-rounded in technology. Whether we like it or not, marketing conversations that were once held and spoken by the business owners, are now being controlled in the hands of consumers. Don’t get me wrong, word of mouth is still a very powerful tool, especially in real estate, but just as everything else, this too is now happening online. With comprehensive mobile devices, the power of location-based marketing is growing as consumers post and comment. We have all heard the saying, “it is all about location,” with GoBABL, real estate developers are now leveraging their position within the real estate industry by utilizing this real-time market research and engagement tool to discover the top-tier locations for businesses based on consumer behavior. Businesses, such as a real estate developer can:
  • Engage with potential audience/s
  • Monitor brand’s reputations and reviews
  • Schedule and measure campaigns over various time periods (short or long term)
  • Export data (short or long term)
  • Uncover fresh insights from a location
  • Understand what topics are top-of-mind
  • Analyze top influencers, breaking news, lead generation

And much more!

With all that imperative data, comes a convenient and accessible dashboard where a real estate developer can analyze their content through multiple views; a collage, a heat map and live streaming. Live public data will be displayed instantaneously onto your dashboard.
A real estate developer can now identify areas or locations that are best suitable to meet their growth goals, using content from public accounts on social networks. This type of data is available for the world to see, but GoBABL reorganizes the content and filters conversations that bring value to the business’s brand. Are you aware of what consumers are saying about your brand? What about your competitors or your industry? Now is your chance to get a bird’s eye view and monitor it all! This helps a real estate developer determine their next move and stay competitive in the industry.

Whether they are sharing videos, listings or advice with their communities and prospective buyers or sellers, real estate pros are making progress in using social media for real results. The question you should be asking yourself is, are you leveraging this technological trend?

We understand seeing is believing, so check it out yourself at Here for a FREE trial, demos and more!

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