Tattoo Artists Use Geofencing To Promote 2018 Philadelphia Tattoo Convention

By: Tor Lydon // @TorLydon

Colors absorb into the skin the way our digital fingerprint absorbs into the digital geofence. The Villain Arts Philadelphia Tattoo Convention this coming weekend, February 9-11, will be a meeting of master artists and those who appreciate their work. The Philadelphia Convention Center will be hosting its 20th anniversary of the world’s largest traveling exhibition of live tattoo art.

The vendors at the convention use location-based social media in a way that brings not just digital followers, but physical ones.

Artists have been using social media to share their work ahead of time, bringing in traffic to their services for the weekend. Chances are if you’ve scrolled through the Instagram discover page, and are living in the city of Philadelphia, you have come across a digital portfolio posting. For those who have the itch of fresh ink on their skin this is a cruel, and smart, form of click bait. Unlike other social gatherings a single hashtag, #PhiladelphiaTattooConvention, is marketing location-based services for purchase. Artists are using geofencing tactics to reel in clients and they are taking the proximity planted click bait.

This particular form of unique marketing targets customers in tracking people, allocating a message, and generating a response with intent and share of goods.

This method is also allowing artists and vendors to track competitors, which even though the convention is a community of craft, grants not just knowing what your consumers are asking for but also what your competitors are not offering or lacking.

So pick up your phones, search the hashtags, scroll through the discover page, and find an artist whose work you want to decorate your body with. You have a few days & a parade left to go…

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