Unexpected Social Media Trends From Coachella 2017

Coachella Geofenced Social Media Trends Can you believe it’s that time of the year again? Coachella is in full-swing, with the first weekend already over. Thankfully, social media has made it so that you don’t have to physically be in Indio to experience the festival. Sure, there’s nothing like that electric feeling you might get from live music but streaming the show from your nice air-conditioned room isn’t too bad either. We decided to use our platform to take a peek at ‘Chella in California all the way from our home city of Philadelphia. We can tell you that Kendrick Lamar pretty much owned the festival and that fringe is still very much “in,” but where’s the fun in that? After taking a look at the festival in our collage view, we found something notable– something fairly unexpected. Dogs. Why had nobody told us there would be dogs? And that was only the beginning. Here are some more unexpected social media trends from Coachella 2017:

don’t forget to walk the dog today.

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I got a new friend here #brutus

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#animallover #coachella #victoriasecret #vsangeloasis #cute #dog #sexy #fun #glasses #beauty

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(: @elloelle) DOM!!!

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Something else we found? Brightly-colored pool floats seem to be having a moment. Definitely the accessory of the season.


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Perhaps one of the most compelling trends had to do with ‘chella snacks. Everybody seemed to be noshing on these perfect slices of watermelon. (If you’re a watermelon salesperson, you may want to look into this.)

Just a happy girl in her happy place ✨

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ring ring, watermelon phone, who DIS?? Repost @nylonmag photo by @lindseybyrnes

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Back at work in the blink of an eye but chella was definitely a great time⌛️ #itsover #edcready #mellokilledit #coachella2k17camping

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Despite the endless partying, some people still seemed to remember that Coachella occurred in tandem with Easter this year. Bunny ears abounded.

Bandanas were plentiful and often covered half of the wearer’s face. We’re assuming there is a practical reason for this?

Count me in for next year

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⚡️⛲️#Coachella #weekend1 #ILoveLucy #RoseGarden

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And… well… this.

There you have it! Some ultra-obscure Coachella references we were able to discover using our geofencing technology. Who would have thought? Be sure to check out our app to see what you can find for the rest of the Coachella Festival.

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