Using GoBabl to Market GoBabl

Instagram Markting For Bootstrapped Startups
We know all about startup life and how difficult it can be to stretch that small (if existent at all) marketing budget. We’ve been experiencing that struggle ourselves– until we were struck with a beauteous realization: use GoBabl to market GoBabl. We make targeting (via geofencing) and engagement (through our collage view) quick and simple so of course we’re all about using our platform ourselves. We’ve been doing some testing using Instagram and have made some serious strides as far as driving traffic goes. How does it work? Glad you asked. Let’s dive in!

First things first, finding an event to monitor and engage with users active at that event is the easiest way to target your desired demographic. We have a diverse team here so we’ve covered everything from America’s Cup, National Pina Colada Day, #RevolveInThe Hamptons, and Shark Week. (Narrowing down an event or location is honestly the most difficult part of this process.)

Coachella Geofenced Social Media Trends
After you’ve found a space to hone in on, it’s time for GoBabl to work its magic. Once you search using our platform, it takes only moments for valuable content to populate, giving you hundreds of warm leads. You could go about marketing to these leads in any way you choose but we recommend two specific methods. 

1. Featuring Content

National Pina Colada Day Instagram Collage
A great way to bring traffic to your social page (and in turn your site/app/platform) is to feature trending content. We love collages because they let us share our favorite images and tag the users who created them. Users love it when accounts feature their work and we love commending great content.

2. Engaging Social Media Users En Masse 

Social media users also enjoy getting a kind, thoughtful comment on their content. We can take a look at all of this content using our collage view and craft tailored comments from within our platform. The comment itself is up to your discretion but we suggest something that’s not too vague. Asking questions is always a great option as well. We like to call that “engaging engagement.” Catchy, no?

You may be saying, “I get it… but what can it do for me?” We’re so glad you asked. 

IG Stats Analytics
Here’s a look at some of our Instagram stats from the last week. Any movement is good movement in our opinion. Building a brand and driving traffic can be a long process. It can be slow but we’ll keep you guys updated, as we see our numbers going way, way up in the coming weeks. This engagement campaign is fairly new but we’re already seeing some success. Even a little bit makes it worth it, no? 

Have we convinced you to try our platform yet? Give it a shot and let us know!

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