What’s in the Details? Geofenced Post-Event Analysis.

You’ve worked hard. 

The event is over. 

It’s time to pull out a brewski, celebrate National Beer Lover’s Day, and put your feet up! 
You’ve earned it. 


Ahhhhh… even you knew that was too simple

Sigh! Never enough time for congratulatory cheers. Now you must answer to your various partners, brand managers, vendors, and directors who will be hounding your inbox, phone, and soul for post-event analytics. 

Before you put an event to bed, it’s vital to capture all of the data, lessons learned and recap notes you’ll need when planning the next one.

This is relevant whether the event is a conference, fair, concert, product launch, sporting event, marketing campaign, live television broadcast, or natural occurrence in the form of lunar eclipseswild fires, or Hurricanes Harvey, Jose, Irma, or Katia

In the case of GoBabl’s recent client, the event of choice is a festival. A very, very large music festival that we were delighted to highlight prior to the Labor Day Weekend

GoBabl was enlisted by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation security detail to perform live-event geo-fenced monitoring of the Budweiser 2017 Made in America Music Festival on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia

It was a hectic muddy affair on day 1 due to consistent downpours, but a sun-filled day 2 that ended with a Jay-Z 4:44 experience

Needless to say Made in America had the range and with that comes myriad levels of digital engagement, impressions, and spirited attendee online activity. 

Out here in philly at the #madeinamerica festival gathering feedback for our @ismyshittight webseries

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Just like the festivalgoer seen above, it’s the job of the respective event management teams, security included, to trough through the proverbial mud and “gather feedback” for their real-time and post analysis. 

Where a security team may want post analytics on the number of attendees, identified threats, and threats neutralized; a pubic relations team may prefer post analytics on brand and sponsor mentions or specific vendor traffic. 

GoBabl’s Analytics Suite, pictured below, provides the insights needed to ensure the most return on investment. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 5.52.39 AM
Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 5.53.50 AM

Friend of GoBabl, Eventbrite, authored “Your Complete Guide to the Event Evaluation Process,” which our team and clients have found spot-on. 
  1. Part i: Post-Event Evaluation
  2. Part ii: Reconnect to your core strategy
  3. Part iii: Evolve your event strategy
  4. Part iv: Translate strategy into goals
  5. Part v: Create a plan
These strategies coupled with the GoBabl platform are a sure-fire way to perform a kickass post event analysis and gurantee future event success.

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