Why Social Media Customer Care Is The Answer To Boosting Your Brand Above Your Competition

social media for potential customers Customer care is one of the driving factors behind the world’s most established brands. Good customer care and service not only boosts loyalty and brand image, but also ensures a business’s market share is safe from poachers looking to take their customers. Over 95% of businesses indicate their customer care has a direct impact on their brand image and over 50% of consumers have reported abandoning a brand because of poor customer service. With social media being the primary way most of the humanity communicates in the 21st century, it’s important for brands to build strong social media customer care systems and campaigns. Statistics on Websitebuilder.org claim that 90% of social media users have used social media to communicate with a brand.

​​Customer Preference
People prefer social media (34.5%) over any other type of customer care channels, including email (19.4%), website/live chat (24.7%) or telephone/toll-free numbers (16.1%). It is estimated that 1 in 4 social media users in the UK made a complaint over social media.

​​Branding & Loyalty Benefits
The benefits to a brand that has good social media practices are immense. 65% of people have more brand loyalty if a brand reaches out to them on social media. Also, 75% of people share good experiences with brands on social media and 71% of consumers with a positive social customer care experience will recommend the brand to others. Good social media customer care can improve customer satisfaction rate by 26.6%, and a happy customer is likely to be a repeat and loyal one.
Brands Need To Catch Up
Though the above-mentioned benefits of social media customer care are evident many brands are not meeting customer expectations. Over 80% of companies assume their social media customer efforts are exceptional, but only 8% of their customers agree. This can be attributed to brands on average sending 23 promotional messages for every 1 response to query they receive. It is estimated that 1/3 of customer complaints on social media are ignored. This can have extremely adverse effects, as 30% of customers will go to a competitor when they don’t receive a response. Furthermore, the average response time is currently over 5 hours with the queries that do get answered. Customers expect a response much faster, with 42% expecting a response within an hour, 32% expecting a response in 30 minutes and 11% expecting a response immediately.

With the clear brand and business benefits to good customer care, and social media becoming the preferred way for your customers to reach you, it is important to implement a solid social media customer care plan. Generally speaking, most businesses are falling short in this particular area of customer relations, and the implementation of a good social media system can get you ahead of the competition and boost your brand.

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