Location is the most precise way to utilize social data. Events and news come from places, not hashtags or keywords. GoBabl has designed a clean, intuitive way to view this data and to make a return on your social media investment. The GoBabl location-based social media monitoring dashboard provides users with actionable insights based on data from user-selected areas in real-time. Get insights and live streaming content from users who matter most. Filter all of that data with our patent-pending filtration system.


Visualize search results from any location in a clean easy to use map view, collage view, streaming feed, and analytics suite.

Embedded feed

Aggregate social content from multiple locations and share a link of the selected locations content. Put the embedded feed anywhere you like.

Location-Based Social Media Alerts

Get notified of important content real-time notifications based on specific keyword, #hashtag or username triggers. Setup the alerts and rest assured that the content you want curated will automatically be sent to you.

Live stream

Real-time streaming feed from selected locales. Find out who is talking, what they’re talking about and how the feel.


Discover keyword/hashtag trends, time-based activity, influential posters, activity trends, popular venues in target location.

Geofenced Sentiment Monitoring

Measure the sentiment of a social conversation from any location.

Social Search

Search within specific geofenced locations for social content based on specific keywords, hashtags or phrases.

Top Social Network Influencers

Gain insights on a social profile and view social media networking content providers who receive the most engagement or have the largest audiences.

Filter & Curate

Filter aggregated search results by keyword, hashtag, date, time, user, and demographics.

Heatmap View

Visualize location-based social media data on a heatmap to show areas with the most social chatter.


Engage with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. like, comment, follow individual users in targeted areas from multiple social networks at once.