GoBabl: How Location-Based Social Media Monitoring Works

How it works is pretty simple

GoBabl location-based social media monitoring tools are easy to use.

  1. Select an area or two to monitor. You can monitor any location as big as a city or as small as an office – just choose a radius.
  2. Select a #hastag or keyword.

After geofencing an area of interest, GoBabl then collects all the social media content happening in that area. Content such as tweets, Instagram posts, YouTube videos, Flickr pictures, Facebook posts and much more is displayed.

How it works screen 1

How it works screen 2

GoBabl displays the content in various views, such as on a map, in a collage, or a live streaming feed view to better understand what people are talking about in your selected locations.

GoBabl can intelligently analyze that social data for metrics such as sentiment, top influencers, trends, breaking news, potential lead generation, and much more.