Politics Social Media Analytics Tools

GoBabl Politics Social Media Analytics Tools Can Move The Needle:

GoBabl politics location-based social media tools can help any candidate find more influencers and a target audience for their campaign.


Don’t wait for election day to find out what people are saying about your candidacy. Social media has evolved from just merely having lots of likes on Facebook and fans on Twitter, you need to do a deep dive into who matters what they’re saying and what their sentiment is about the issues go Babel’s political social media tools can help you predict with greater accuracy who is likely to vote and where. ?


We create custom social media influencer and location-based dashboards for local races and provide analytics data for national candidates. Every campaign needs more boots on the ground, why spend time logging into 10 different platforms to find out who’s likely to help the campaign by getting re volunteers using social media?


Use social media analytics to improve voter registration by finding out who’s talking and making sure they turnout to the ballot box. It’s not enough to get social media people talking if you aren’t converting them into actual votes. Let GoBabl help you identify more voters on the fence and bring them to your side.


Want to increase your fundraising? GoBabl’s got you covered we can help you find more donors and people to share your content that will help your fundraising campaign via social media grow exponentially.