Social Media Monitoring Tools For Education

GoBabl’s Social Media Monitoring Tools for Education can help organizations improve the student-teacher experience. Students have access to so many so many social channels that it’s always getting more difficult to monitor everything they are viewing online. Cyber bullying, death threats, harassment, and security have all become a huge issue at most schools. With GoBabl, students and staff can be better protected. Our tools can help school officials can monitor their students’ social media landscape quickly and effectively.

Attract New Students, Alumni Contributions & Top Notch Faculty 

Social media monitoring allows campus officials to attract new students to their school or college.  Increased engagement can help parents and students make that pricey decision of where to send their child.  There is no better tool for marketing to the high school demographic that expects to see recent- relevant videos and images of student experiences get their interest.  Alumni and prospective faculty want to learn more about university research news, clubs, events in their area and sports.  GoBabl location-based social media tools for education are designed to help school administrators develop a social network monitoring campaign that increases brand awareness. 

Analyze Sentiment & Increase School Spirit

Understand the pulse of the student body and find ways to engage with them as well as fans of the school.  Use analytics from social media data to get students hyped about the big game or pep rally.  GoBabl’s social media monitoring and educational facility geofencing capabilities can help you find out who is talking on and off campus and gage their influence on other students.

Protect Students, Staff And Facilities

Monitor events happening on campus by keyword, hashtag or user and develop new strategies for securing your facilities in case of emergencies. Get realtime up to date information about situations before they can escalate. React faster by receiving alerts from GoBabl about based on customized settings for social media content. Make sure everyone is safe by tapping into the social conversation and keep facilities protected by creating alerts focusing on dorms or other buildings of interest.