Social Media Monitoring Tools For Events

Social media monitoring tools are important for events because events are when venues generate the most social networking chatter. Keywords and hashtags only collect about 30% of all of that. When the location of an event is monitored on a hyper-local, the amount of data collected is doubled, which means the accuracy and validity of the information increases tenfold. This because our event-focused social media monitoring platform gets user-generated content from the people who are actually there.

With just a glance, GoBabl enables coordinators to check the pulse of the crowd by mapping sentiment and monitoring the social conversation. Promoters and marketers can easily geofence and target attendees with advertising based on behavior.

Track trends at the event.

Find out in realtime what people are saying by monitoring social media chatter in and around the event. Track social media analytics easily and share them with your team to maximize event participation before and after.

Identify key influencers

See who is making the party or breaking the party. Find out how your event is going by locating users chatting the most and give them targeted geofenced deals that they can share. Using the GoBabl social media monitoring suite for events, you can find brand ambassadors right away.

Real-time Event Feedback

Event coordinators can use GoBabl event social media monitoring tools to respond in real-time to the needs and wants of attendees. If an attendee is not enjoying themselves you can get feedback on why and how you can improve for next time.

Increase attendance for future events

Connect with everyone who is at the event so that they are up to date on your next event. Tie in your mobile marketing efforts to our geolocation social media event suit to get more attendees to opt-in to future events via their mobile device.

Identify potential attendees

Search targeted locations of interest and filter that search by keywords the are relevant to the event. Engage all those users to increase attendance.

Gather Insights

Gather valuable event insight that may have been lost without using GoBabl’s Location based social media monitoring for events such as concerts, festivals, sporting events and more.

Gather Content

News organizations, law enforcement, concert promotors and others can gather valuable social media content. Marketers can obtain social media data that can be used to sell products while journalists can get live coverage of the event via several social media video platforms. Pictures and other imagery can be curated for later use.