Social Media Monitoring Tools For Journalism And Media

GoBabl is an incredibly valuable tool for journalists and media organizations. It helps find breaking news as it’s happening, then confirms it at lightning speed. With the modern newsroom being stripped down to bare bones, GoBabl can help your assignment desk multitask more efficiently.

Additionally, social media has become the primary way most people get their news. Content can be created and shared in seconds, which means breaking news happens much faster, meaning you’ll need a sharper edge on the competition. GoBabl will be your ace in the hole to adapt and monitor events on social media in the fastest, most cost-effective way.

Be First To The Scene

No need to leave your computer to be the first reporter on the scene for breaking news.  Use GoBabl’s location-based social media monitoring tools to get content from where the action is taking place. Find out what’s happening, get witnesses, quotes and content from people who were at the scene. Find out news before it happens with our predictive analytics tools that can show hotspots of activity.

Analyze News Trends Based On Social Networks

News breaks faster and faster these days with the expansion of mobile devices. Use GoBabl hashtag and keyword searches to spot social media trends in an area.  Get a feel for how an geofenced area feels about a particular news story or political event – instead of doing a survey you can let GoBabL do all the work. 

Use Social Media Monitoring To Find Sources

The person who posted the picture of the house burning next to the location of the burning house probably would be a great source for the “house burning story.” Find users who were at the scene of a crime and let our location-based social media monitoring platform specifically made journalists and media give report the facts quickly with first hand pictures, video and live feeds from people still at the scene.  

Do Investigative reporting

Get pics and video from crime scenes that happened at any time or any place  using our time frame analysis that allows you to see footage from social media content posted years ago  many of which could not be found on search engines. Uncover facts social media content collected from eyewitnesses.

Get Social Media Monitoring Alerts

When a keyword pops up in an area that you are monitoring receive an alert to beat the other news organizations to the scene of breaking news with our alert system that can focus in on popular keywords, hastags, content and users.

Citizen Journalist

Access user-generated content to enhance your story. Allow content from citizen journalists to increase your overall content pool, let the users do the talking by accessing popular social media networks and using published content absolutely free.

Increase Social Presence

Using content generated by real people gains real huge increases in social traction. Engage with people who were at the scene or still are in real-time. Increase your social media and digital footprint by getting users to engage more often because you featured some of their content and they have shared virally and organic growth can increase significantly.

Start Localizing Your Readers

Get hyper-local content to add to your storyboard.  Pinpoint areas of interest for your readers by using geolocation-based social media data that comes through the clutter and can give you information about boroughs and popular streets.

Verify Accuracy

There’s a lot of stuff said in the social world. You never know what’s true. Use GoBabL to verify breaking news by leveraging more content available to you from social media networks.  Find out what really happened -first.