Social Media Monitoring Tools For Marketing & Brand Management

GoBabL’s Location based Social Media Monitoring Tool for marketing helps streamline local lead generation and customer feedback. You can analyze real-time social media content from any location in the world. This content will help better understand sentiment, as well as measuring customer thought-process.

Using our tool, marketers can gain customer insight in real time. This will help predict, analyze, and measure success rates within targeted hyper-local markets. Sixty-six percent of social media is not hashtagged or keyworded correctly, and a lot more is posted without any text at all. Use location to zero in on the conversations that your customers–or potential customers– are having.

Spot Social Media Marketing Trends

Select multiple locations to monitor for trending keywords, hashtags or popular users getting attention. Use analytics to do deep dives and find out more about who’s saying what.  

Get Location-Based Social Media Marketing Data

Collect pages of customer insight and analytics, and export it into an Excel or CSV file.  Find new ways to use the data and take advantage of social media chatter that can be seemlessly interwoven into your marketing plan.

Discover New Marketing Data

Get more social media monitoring data that cal help you market products to your consumer in a language they are used to.  Test out catch phrases and challenge your market assumptions by testing social sentiment and analysis.

Respond Immediately To Brand Reputation Issues

Using our location-based social media tools for marketing and brand management, you can respond in real-time to customer needs and questions about your products.  Monitor several social media portals at once to see which influencers or brand ambassadors need a nudge to push the brand further.

Social Media Marketing Sentiment Analysis

Brands and marketers need to monitor social media sentiment to protect their products and services.  Use GoBabl geolocation social media monitoring intelligence to discover how a community truly feels about a certain topic, brand, person or political campaign. We give you a positive, negative breakdown of the social media keywords, hashtags and user generated content results.

Increase Foot Traffic

Use GoBabl to locate people nearby who may be interested in coming into the store. Brands and marketers can use mobile geofencing tools in conjunction with the GoBabl social media tools for marketers platform to get more people aware of special deals in their area.  

Customer Acquisition

GoBabl can work with any CRM or Salesforce data once exported.  You can use GoBabl’s geofenced social media monitoring data to find new leads and get new customers by engaging with them faster. Monitor targeted areas for specific interests and connect with those users who are nearby.